Steeply inclined conveyor

The peculiarity of our company's projected steeply inclined conveyors is safe locking cargo and belts in the event of breakage of one of them, or drive brake failure, the use of a special self-propelled cart for servicing of the steeply inclined conveyor, equipped with necessary tools, hoisting facilities and places for staff. The ability to place conveyors on the slopes of ledges without prior preparation of intermediate berms, including, if necessary, their complete exclusion as a sites bearing sections. New technical solutions developed by the company, are protected by patents.

Modern conveyor belts and technological possibilities allow to cover berms height of 600m and more by one conveyer frame (with capacity up to 5000-6000t / h).

Our company has performed project of the complex CST-ORE with steeply inclined conveyor SIC-270 for the Career "Muruntau." The height of the vertical transport is 270m, capacity is 3500t / h, the angle is 40 degrees.

The complex includes crushing and loading unit (CLU), loading and warehouse complex (LWC). Project has been adopted by the customer . Currently this complex is implemented on a career "Muruntau."

Steeply inclined conveyor Steeply inclined conveyor KNK-270-CLT complex ore mine Muruntau

Crushing and  transshipment point to  the complex CLT-ORE, a quarry Muruntau Steeply inclined conveyor complex  CLT-ORE, a quarry Muruntau

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