Jaw crusher

Jaw crushers are used for crushing of practically any strength in the industry of processing of the primary rocks, production of building stone and crushed stone, in metallurgy(slag). Material to the crusher can come with natural moisture content, normal operation occurs when the moisture content of 6-8%. Jaw crushers are simple to maintain and operate. In traditional constructs of jaw crushers crushed material may contain a great mass of plates and flakiness of the grains (50%).

Jaw crusher

To receive crushed material with a "cuboid" shape pieces the company created jaw crusher with the following specifications:

The name of parameter Value
1 Sizes inlet opening 500х280mm
2 The width of discharge opening 25-80mm
3 Capacity:
25mm gap in disclosure
50mm gap in disclosure
80mm gap in disclosure
11-13 m3/h
18-20 m3/h
25-28 m3/h
4 The largest size of uploaded pieces 340mm
5 Size of crushed pieces 0-80mm
6 Installed capacity of the drive 55kW
7 Weight of crusher, t 10, 25

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