Cenrtifugal crusher

Centrifugal Crushers intended for third and fourth stage of crushing materials of any strength and abrasion to produce cube-shaped rubble, fractional sand, satisfying the highest requirements of modern construction materials market.

The effect of crushing material by free kick can produces high-quality rubble containing flakiness forms up to 10%, satisfying in its characteristics the most stringent customer’s requirements. Destruction primarily happens on the weak links, microcracks and borders of crystals’ cohesion, which increases the strength of rubble by 10-15% compared to the original material.

Cenrtifugal crusher дробилки для щебня

To reduce wear of refractory-lined elements of the crusher  for effective processing abrasive materials (granite, quartz, etc.) applied the crushing principle  "stone on stone." Crusher chamber and a rotor-accelerator  autofettle directly by recyclable materials, thus reducing the unit cost for the replacement of wear items (armor, kicker, upper disk). Minimal resource of wear elements is 150 hours.

Installation of crusher does not require a foundation.

Reception of cube-shaped crushed product in the entire range from 0 to 16 mm allows you to release new types of products:

  • Cubiform rubble fines 2-4 mm;
  • Crushed sand round shape with the set  size for high quality building solutions, powders, decorative
  • plasters and fillers in the mix.
  • Abrasive powders, raw materials for filters and so on.

№ п/п Activities DIV-250 DIV-100
1. Capacity upon crushing in a single pass, t / h 250 100
2. Source product crushing, mm 20-40 20-40
3. The maximum allowed size of crushable piece, mm 70 50
4. Capacity in a closed cycle upon crushing rubble up to minus 16 mm, t / h 150-175 60-90
5. Fractional composition of the crushed product,%    
  11-16 mm 24 24
  8-11 mm 22 22
  4-8 mm 12 12
  2-4 mm 12 12
  0-2 mm 30 30
6. Unit costs for the replacement of wear items, $ / t 0,06 0,06
7. Power, kW 2*160 150
8. Weight 17 10
9. Overall dimensions, mm    
  Leigh 4500 3750
  Width 2500 1750
  height 3200 2500

Ротор дробилки Центробежная дробилка ДИВ - 250

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