Excavator ecline 5/250 comprises two crawler-mounted modules (face and dump). The winches of the modules carry a common bucket. Double-drum winch of the face module has drag and bucket tipping ropes. The control system enables the synchronous cable reeling drums rotation, as well as individual rotation of bucket tipping cable reeling drum. The latter mode is used to swing the bucket (for discharge, alteration of digging angle, correction of bucket position during moving). Bucket discharge is possible at any point of bucket motion trajectory. Ecline is controlled by two operators (for face and dump modules). Each operator controls the winches of both modules. Ecline is equipped with the systems of communication, lighting, diagnostics, automatic fire-extinguishing and ventilation, conditioning and air-heating.

Ecline is capable to mine soft rocks in solid and to excavate the blasted rock mass.



· selective mining of high benches (more than 60 m)

address discharge of mined materials both to stockpiles and to tracks, railway cars or conveyors.

ecline modules are disposed at the upper bench surface what allows mining the watered grounds.


Performance specifications

Bucket capacity, m3 to 100
Maximum distance between modules, m to 300
Cycle time, min. 1,5–2
Maximum permitted bucket tilt, deg  
during work 3
during transport 2
Specific pressure, MPa 80